All materials, devices and systems to be used in the certification - licensing activities of heliports and helidecks are tested in accordance with aviation rules.

All these tests are performed and/or made by personnel who are experts in their fields, within the scope of safety rules. Test apparatus and devices are current caliber approved. The test results are delivered to the company officials at the requested time.

• Load tests of platform brackets and safety nets

• Platform and hangar tie-down point load tests

• Anti-slip paint and visual analysis

• Platform strength analysis report

• 28V DC helicopter start system test

• 115 V 400 Hz helicopter supply and test system test

• Visual landing aid system (platform lighting) control

• Platform and hangar drain circuits and tightness test

• AFFF fracture analysis and Quantab tests

• Fixed foam system test

• JP-5 system performance and laboratory test tracking

• Platform and hangar sprinkler system test

• Helicopter trolley test

• Helicopter control station (HCS) and hardware performance test

• Communication system test

• HIFR quick release coupling test

• Selbastı, halon, platform wash-down system test

• Wind measurement system test

• Stabilized Glide Slope Indicator mechanical calibration test (SGSI)