HeliPLAT Inc. started its operations in March 2016 Our main office is in Tuzla/İSTANBUL and our additional office is in Gölcük/KOCAELİ. Our number of employees is fourteen. Apart from the Founder and General Manager, Deputy General Manager, General Manager Assistant, Project Management and Business Development Manager, Technical Manager, Contract Manager, Electrical Systems Test & Experience Specialist, Paint Inspectors with International Certificates, Naval Arch & Marine Engineer (Helidek Inspector), Materials and Metallurgical engineer as well as; There are also Occupational Safety specialist, Workplace Physician and Company Lawyer.

HeliPLAT was established in March 2016. The name of the brand is formed from the abbreviation of the words Helicopter and Platform. HeliPLAT provides services in many fields such as Certification, Licensing, Engineering, Design, Testing and Training.


To design, build, equip and maintain quality and safe platforms in line with national and international aviation standards, where helicopters or unmanned aerial vehicles can land, by following technological innovations.

To contribute to the localization of all materials used.

To transfer our knowledge and experience about helicopter platforms to individuals and institutions.


To be an international brand and to represent our country in the best way in the international arena.

To sign technological developments by giving importance to R&D studies and innovation.

In the sector in which we operate; To meet the expectations of customers and employees at the highest level by being respectful to the individual and society, loyal to the law, economic and moral principles, sensitive to health, safety and the environment.